Our advanced strategies have helped businesses throughout South Florida, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States, manage their largest expense—taxes.

Are you getting the smartest tax advice?

Understanding the difference between tax prep & tax planning could save you thousands!

At Wall, Lassiter & Company, our team specializes in creating and implementing strategies that save significant tax dollars for businesses and higher-net-worth individuals. We focus on proactively developing and implementing advanced tax strategies designed to rescue your wasted income tax dollars, show you how to properly document your business expenses, reduce your audit risk and enhance your investment options.

Pay less tax year-round

Don’t wait until tax season to get to work! At Wall Lassiter, our tax coaches proactively cut your tax bill by thousands with an exclusive proactive tax planning process so you save money year round.

For small businesses and investors

Our tax coaches are experts in helping business owners and investors who are searching for proven strategies that save time and money.

Pay the least amount of tax legally allowed

Our tax coaches don’t assume you’re paying the least amount of tax legally allowed. They know you are and can prove it.

Tired of wasting money on taxes you do not owe?

Contact us for an analysis of your tax situation and we will identify the money you should be saving with court-tested and IRS-approved tax reduction strategies.

Are you a small business owner or investor looking to reduce your tax bill?
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