Everyday Client Wealth

We help affluent families and accredited investors ($1,500,000 or more of investable assets) protect and grow their wealth, manage their tax exposure, insure potential risks, and create a legacy for their future. We utilize alternative investments, best-of-fund managers, and risk mitigation strategies to build a vibrant portfolio for our clientele.

Private Wealth

Our private wealth clients have a minimum of $25,000,000 in investable assets. Their needs and concerns are often more complex than our everyday clients’. They require the knowledge and experience to ensure their wealth is appropriately managed. We use a multi-family office structure to serve their interests. Our process includes protection, growth, strategic giving, advanced tax planning, and estate planning. We utilize a blend of venture capital legacy investments, alternative investments, risk mitigation strategy, donor-advised funds, and endowment structuring.

Professional Athlete Clientele

Making it to the big leagues is quite an accomplishment, but when it comes to managing newly created wealth, it can feel overwhelming. Working with an experienced, independent advisor can allow athletes to focus on their careers. Our professional athlete clientele can be in our everyday or private wealth divisions, but their needs and goals are often different. They are typically in their younger years and have higher liquidity needs.

We work closely with our athletes and their agents to provide a complete plan with the tools necessary to make wise decisions surrounding the management of their wealth. This process ensures that the wealth they create while they are performing continues to grow beyond their earning years and transitions to their loved ones in the future. At Wall Private Wealth, we understand the importance of total privacy when it comes to working with professional athletes.

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