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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the gift of financial clarity to affluent individuals and families who are thoughtfully preparing for, or already in, retirement. We do this, first, by helping our clients determine their financial goals and, second, by creating a custom, tailored portfolio engineered specifically for them. We owe no allegiance to any company or investment – our only loyalty is to our clients.

“What we make time for in our lives, defines our lives.”

– Michael Wall

Client Divisions

Everyday Client Division

We help affluent families and accredited investors ($1,000,000 or more of investable assets) protect and grow their wealth, manage their tax exposure, insure potential risks, and create a legacy for their future. We utilize alternative investments, best-of fund managers, and risk mitigation strategies to build a vibrant portfolio for our clientele.

Private Wealth Division

Our private wealth clients have a minimum of $25,000,000 in investable assets. Their needs and concerns are often more complex than our everyday clients’. They require the knowledge and experience to ensure their wealth is appropriately managed. We use a multi-family office structure to serve their interests. Our process includes protection, growth, strategic giving, advanced tax planning, and estate planning. We utilize a blend of venture capital legacy investments, alternative investments, risk mitigation strategy, donor advised funds and endowment structuring.

Professional Athlete Division

Making it to the big leagues is quite an accomplishment, but when it comes to managing newly created wealth, it can feel overwhelming. Working with an experienced, independent advisor can allow athletes to focus on their careers. Our professional athlete clientele can be in our everyday or private wealth divisions, but their needs and goals are often different. They are typically in their younger years and have higher liquidity needs. We work closely with our athletes and their agents to provide a complete plan with the tools necessary to make wise decisions surrounding the management of their wealth. This process ensures that the wealth they create while they are performing continues to grow beyond their earning years and transitions to their loved ones in the future. At Wall Private Wealth, we understand the importance of total privacy when it comes to working with professional athletes.

Michael D. Wall

Michael D. Wall

Founder and CEO

Michael D. Wall is the founder and CEO of Wall Private Wealth, Inc. and Wall Wealth Management, LLC. He is also a founding partner of Wall Leaman, LLC, a business consulting firm fluent in succession planning. Michael is the host of The Michael Wall Show, a dynamic podcast heard in over 100 countries. He has been a guest on CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg. His advice and views have appeared in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, CNN Money, Modern Medicine, The Street, USA Today, and others.,

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Michael is a devoted husband and father of four beautiful children. He is involved in many local and national charities, such as Place of Hope, Operation Underground Railroad, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and Christ Fellowship. He is co-chair for the YMCA of the Palm Beaches Annual Prayer Breakfast and member of the board for Life Action Ministries, as well as a past chair for the March of Dimes Chef’s Auction.

Joseph M. Featherstone

Joseph M. Featherstone

Director of Operations

Joseph brings a devotion to integrity and exceptional client service to the team at Wall Private Wealth. As a native of South Florida, he has a rich history in the community and is constantly looking for ways to leverage his network to help grow the local economy. Joseph is passionate about helping families grow their wealth and influence. He believes it is his imperative responsibility to help them protect their assets so that they can leave a legacy to their loved ones.

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Joseph is happily married to his best friend and wonderful wife, Heidi, a native of Austin, Texas; together, they love to travel the world. He is actively involved in the church community in South Florida and working to make the world a better place, one day at a time.

Ashley Hernandez

Ashley Hernandez

Office Manager

Ashley is an important part of our firm. Having grown up in South Florida, she has a real love for the community and seeks to grow her positive influence there. She brings new ideas and a drive for excellence to the company.

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Ashley and her husband, Andrew, met at a local church in South Florida and are actively involved in youth ministry. They enjoy married life and are excited about the direction their careers are headed.

Samantha B. Wall

Samantha B. Wall


Samantha, or Sammie, is in charge of creating marketing pieces that clearly represent the message of our firm. She enjoys doing everything she can to offer insight and advice that help to create an exciting client experience.

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She has been a part of Wall Private Wealth almost since its inception in 2002. Sammie prides herself on being detail-oriented and does a great job of helping to ensure that the office runs smoothly, all while raising four children with Michael!

Luann McLeod

Luann McLeod

Client Services Manager

Luann is one of the pleasant voices you hear when calling our office in Florida. She has worked closely with Michael for some time now and oversees the day-to-day servicing of our clients. She understands the importance of confidentiality and timeliness in working with affluent families.

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Luann is married to Dan McLeod, an engineer and project manager at Lockheed Martin. They have lived in Florida all their lives and have three children. One of Luann’s goals is to constantly look for ways to improve the lives of others. On the side, she is a natural essential oils consultant!